google classroom(s) . . .


Google classroom is an online platform (website-ish) that allows teachers to send out assignments, organize materials, give feedback, and collect work.

Joining GOodtown’s Google Classroom(s):

First, login in to student’s gmail account.

Second, use the waffle icon (the array of 9 squares) to find google classroom.

Third, once you can see your student’s classrooms please click the plus sign in the top right corner and use this code designated below to join new classrooms.

Google Classroom links for 2020-2021

The ‘Goodtown online 20-21’ is only for online students or those on quarantine:

Goodtown online 20-21

Joining code: hl25eco

2020-2021 GT Main

Joining code: t72wubp

2020-2021 GT Reading

Joining code: ton52gx

2020-2021 GT writing

Joining code: piflvlo

2020-2021 GT math

Joining code: 7vujtpu